Musings & ramblings of a Pythonista

About me

Hello there. My name is Sreejith Kesavan and I'm a Python Developer living in Bangalore, India. I'm a passionate GNU/Linux hacker and a hardcore FCBarcelona fan. When I'm not busy coding, you'd find me mashing buttons on my PlayStation 3 playing my favourite games.

Apart from writing here, I do follow some popular tech writings on the web. These are some of my favourites.

And some of my friends are also into blogging

My setup

Recently I switched from a Toshiba Satellite L310 laptop to a 13" Macbook Pro (MC700, Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM) which I use for all my computing needs. I use Vim, TextMate, Emacs and Eclipse for all the coding and editing purposes and prefer iTerm for commandline access. And I coudn't live without my Ubuntu VM's running under VirtualBox and VMWare Fusion.

About this site

This site is generated by Voldemort, a blog-aware static site generator using Jinja2 and Markdown, written by me. Previously I was using Jekyll for this site and found it too Rubyish. That's how I developed Voldemort and it was fun building it. You could find the source code for this website on my GitHub repository. And if you are looking for the old Jekyll sources, you may find it here. I use Minimal theme by orderedlist.