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Org2OPML - Make awesome mindmaps using Emacs Org mode and Mindnode

Whoever using Emacs as their primary text-editor would have liked the Org mode. As the Org website puts it:-

Org mode is for keeping notes, maintaining TODO lists, planning projects, and authoring documents with a fast and effective plain-text system.

Org mode allows you to create documents with a simple syntax. Different headers/sections in the document can be represented by a * symbol. A single * corresponds to an <h1> block in HTML and ** represents a <h2>.

Org mode has the capability to export documents to various formats like ASCII text, PDF, LaTeX, XOXO, HTML, Freemind Mindmap etc. I was not quite happy with the output produced by Freemind from the .mm files exported by Org mode. So I switched to Mindnode, another mindmapping software which is available for Mac OSX and produces visually pleasing mindmaps. But the .mm exports from Org mode doesn't work pretty well with Mindnode. So I wrote a simple Org2OPML converter that converts .org files to .opml files. OPML is another formats for mindmps/outlining and well supported by Mindnode.

The .org representation of the mindmap

#+TITLE: Windows Versions
#+AUTHOR: Sreejith Kesavan
#+ROOT: Windows Versions

* Windows 8 Home
** Windows 8
** Windows 8
** Windows 8 Enterprise
** Windows RT

* Windows 7
** Windows 7 Starter
** Windows 7 Home Basic
** Windows 7 Home Premium
** Windows 7 Professional
** Windows 7 Enterprise
** Windows 7 Ultimate
** Windows 7 Service Pack 1

* Windows Vista
** Windows Vista Starter
** Windows Vista Home Basic
** Windows Vista Home Premium 
** Windows Vista Business
** Windows Vista Enterprise
** Windows Vista Ultimate

* Windows XP
** Windows XP Starter Edition
** Windows XP Home Edition
** Windows XP Edition N
** Windows XP Professional,
** Windows XP Edition N
** Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
** Windows XP for specialized hardware
** Windows XP Media Center Edition
*** Windows XP Media Center Edition
*** Windows XP Media Center Edition 2003
*** Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004
*** Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
** Windows XP 64-bit Edition
** Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
** Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs

Have a look at the mindmap generated by Mindnode once the .org file is converted to OPML using Org2OPML script.

Windows Versions

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