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The era of online payments

We live in a century defined and driven by technology. Internet has changed the way approach the needs in our life. Very rarely people are going to an Electronic/Computer store to buy stuffs when there is an option to order it online. Now, all of the consumer centric business have an online version too.

I was using RechargeItNow for recharging my cell phone and DTH services. But their website was too cluttered and filled with advertisements all over the place. Then I found JustRechargeIt. Their web application was way too better than the RechargeItNow website. They even provided options to save lists of phone numbers and DTH accounts to ease the payment. I was happily using this service for a long time until I found Paytm. Paytm web application is so simle and intuitive. Just have a look.


The simplicity and way of presentation is an important aspect when it comes to the web business. And Paytm has succeeded in doing so. I really want to see more and more web applications doing the same like what Paytm did for user experience, hopefully eBay :-)

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