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HyperGAE - Use Hypertable for App Engine Datastore

After few days of hacking on the Google App Engine SDK and ProtocolBuffers, finally I succeeded in creating a datastore driver for GAE that talks to Hypertable and stores the data there fully protocol buffer encoded. If you want to checkout this implementation head to HyperGAE repository and see files and HyperGAE basically uses two methods to connect to hypertable. Using the thrift api and using the boost-python library ht. The mentioned drivers provides these api connections to hypertable.

To run App Engine sdk with hypertable support, do

python demos/guestbook/ --use_hypertable

The above command assumes hypertable installed and running on your machine. It uses the thrift connection by default. I need to add support for configuring hypertable options though script. Suggestions and patches are always welcome.

UPDATE: The drivers api has been modified to accommodate the new Hypertable and Thrift api changes. You must install Hypertable version for HyperGAE to work. More updates to follow.

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